There is now a new design and more sensitive model of microphone which I handcraft from beech wood (Please See Shop For More Information).

Announcement:  I will no longer be making the standard bizzy bee contact mic as there is no longer a great demand for it.  I made and sold thousands of the standard model microphone and I've been overwhelmed with positive feedback from customers and shops around the world.  It's been a great success and a lot of work, but I am now down sizing the business as I feel there are enough of the standard microphones in the world.  A big thanks to Merchant City Music and Westside Distribution here in Glasgow and all the shops who stocked the microphone and everyone else who helped along the way. 

About:  There are now two models of the bizzy bee contact mic available (please see shop). Both microphones are separate from the cable to allow for easy replacement should any part become lost or damaged - it also means different cable length can be selected. The lotus style of RCA jack was chosen to make a tight and secure fit with the microphone socket as the petals of this style of fitting can be bent inwards to make a strong connection. Another thing which makes this robust little microphone unique is the method used in mounting it. With the included beeswax you simply warm it up in the palm of your hand for a short spell, transfer it to the bottom of the mic, and it's ready to be fixed in place. Finding the best spot (or sweet spot as we like to call it) for the tone you're after is a quick and easy process. We only use 100% beeswax which makes it kinder to the finish or your instrument... any wax residue left behind can be easily removed using the cotton bag.

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